Thursday, April 30, 2009

Death of the Y Chromosome

Parents, here’s a question you wouldn’t have heard from your kids 50 years ago: “Mommy/Daddy, today at recess I decided I’m not a boy but really a girl. Can I change my name to Sally?”

Moral decline is generally blamed for such cultural changes, but while that may be the impetus for gender confusion, what is the vehicle? Brace yourself, truth-seeker, for you are about to learn how PLASTICS MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

The hippies at Natural News have shed light on this vile connection: “Bisphenol-A (BPA) is mainly found in polycarbonate plastic, which is labeled with the number 7; in plastic food wrap, and in the resins that coat the inside of metal cans for food. It is so prevalent in today's products that it is even in refrigerator shelving, water bottles, plastic food storage containers, water pipes and flooring.BPA…mimics the hormone estrogen. The damaging effects of the chemical include impairment and unnatural changes to sex organs and their functions and signs of early puberty have been observed.”

Not clear enough?

“Phthalates absorbed by pregnant women is also thought to be leading to the 'feminization' of the developing male fetus. BPA is beginning to be linked to 'gender confusion'.”

So maybe that effeminate theater kid in your class really WAS born that way.

But who’s to blame? All signs lead to the U.S. Government.

“The Health Canada provisional human safe exposure limit is set at 25 parts per billion per day (ppb/day). Their American neighbors have set the human safe exposure limit to 50 ppb.”

Did you catch that?! American Government health officials have pumped up the allowable levels of these feminizing plastic toxins to blur the line between man and woman.

While probing for additional expository information, I came across this cover up (because every evil Government initiative has an equally nasty cover up.):

“Federal law requires water providers to distribute annual "consumer confidence reports" that reveal levels of regulated contaminants. Providers are not, however, required to tell people if they find a contaminant that is not on a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency list. No pharmaceuticals appear on the EPA list.”

Since BPA isn’t revealed in these reports, can we assume that the Government considers it a pharmaceutical? If so, they’re DOSING us with WMDs! (Weapons of Manhood Depletion).
When the Government is pressed, “[t]here are plenty of reasons offered for the secrecy: concerns about national security, fears of panic, a feeling that the public will not understand — even confidentiality agreements.”

National Security?! Confidentiality?! So we can assume the CIA is involved, since they're out of the torture business and are looking for something evil to fill the time.

How could this get any worse?

“[BPA] could be making us fatter.”

Right, our new crop of women will need that fat to cover up those unsightly Adam’s apples.


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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Video Killed the Video Star

A secret war started three decades ago, and it appears as though the white flags of surrender finally wave. This brutal, conniving battle, spread worldwide, and has affected the inhabitants of the free world. It’s not the war on drugs, terror, or crime. It’s the eternal battle for the complacency of the world citizenry. This particular battle has been exceptionally nasty. I reported a while back that aliens gave Earth video games to keep us complacent. And video games companies have civilly vied for the clogged hearts and feeble minds of the general populace, using the free market to compete for business.

But this entertainment battle is unique. Hollywood has secretly been destroying the VHS industry, but now they’re EXPOSED!

I began to suspect something was up when watching The Ring. The movie was interesting and at times spooky, except I had trouble with the premise. I thought to myself “Why would someone be haunted by a VHS tape?” I’m convinced the screenplay originally planned for the little nemesis girl to haunt dreams, but Sony executives made a vile covenant with Hollywood to get back at VHS for destroying Betamax (A Sony product) and ruling the video entertainment industry for years.

A movie executive after proposing to distribute The Ring on VHS.

VHS is surely dead now, and many distribution companies aren’t even producing their movies on VHS tape anymore. But if Sony’s grudge against VHS was so dire over the VHS/Beta battle, why did it take so long to strike a definitive blow? LaserDisc tried, but didn’t supplant VHS. DVD did well, but it wasn’t until the enlistment of an evil force’s coveted weapons technology did the Hollywood/Sony forces find the magic bullet…

The conspiring forces spent years in research and development under a nefarious cooperative agreement. They found it several years ago, and have unleashed it on consumers…the dreaded Blu-Ray! Sony boasts burgeoning Blu-Ray sales due to superior quality of the video and sound; but come one, if consumers used that as a basis for sales, the Betamax tape would have won supreme. Therefore, we can conclude that something else is happening behind the scenes.

Where did this vile blue ray come from, and why is it so powerful? As I’ve already said, Sony’s evil agreement with Hollywood is the key. Television executives from the 1980s agreed to sign over the blue ray rights to Sony. The ray technology hadn’t been used since owner Cobra Organization signed them over to G.I. Joe as part of the cease fire terms when the show ended.

Blue Ray technology used against Naval forces.

So that’s how Blu-Ray was discovered, and subsequently how VHS was destroyed.

It makes you wonder, though…G.I. Joe execs must have gotten something pretty remarkable for forking over such a powerful technology. I mean, they must have been allowed to do something that no one would have ever let them do normally. Something vile, something unexpected, something unwanted…

Oh I get it…


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Al Gore - Nefarious Power Leach

‘Save the Earth Hour’ has come and gone, an hour in which all were urged to become Amish for an hour. This was all propagated by Al Gore’s climate change initiative, but something wasn’t right during the hour in question, as this investigator points out.

"I pulled up to Al's house…at 8:48 p.m. – right in the middle of Earth Hour…the dozen or so floodlights grandly highlighting several trees and illuminating the driveway entrance of Gore’s mansion. I [kid] you not my friends the savior of the environment couldn’t be bothered to turn off the gaudy lights that show off his goofy trees."

There must be a good reason for this. I dug through the archives of truth (the convenient kind). Here I found startling statistics:

In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.”

Ok, so the guy’s got a hungry power grid. Surely this is just normal for the famous and powerful. It’s not like he recently started consuming MORE power…is it?

In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient…[his] home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.”

So…as Americans (and citizens worldwide) are urged to reduce power consumption, Mr. Gore’s home becomes MORE energy efficient (which SHOULD mean he uses less power) but he actually consumes more?

Something evil is afoot. I’m gonna tag a crazy person in to better explain.

Al Gore is evil.”

DO go on.

Not because of any of the things he does, but because of what he is. He's a British agent. Unfortunately, most Americans, and most people in the world, don't know what that means.”

If it doesn’t mean sexy women, fast cars, and cool gadgets, then you’re right, we Americans don’t know what that means.

One aspect of it is that he's a genocidal racist, or, you could say, an environmentalist. Each is a continuation of the absolute hatred for human beings that the British Empire embodies, and which has informed every empire since Zeus' Olympus. The British Empire model rests on an anti-scientific policy of population control, and this is what the modern environmentalist movement aims for: global depopulation to 2 billion humans or fewer. To succeed, would require the destruction of civilization itself.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. But that doesn’t explain the energy consumption. Al must be powering something BIG in his basement. Further investigation revealed the following:

Recent reports in the New York Times and the Washington Times show that in 1995 Vice President Al Gore signed a secret arms deal with Moscow…Navy documents show that each Krypton missile costs $910,000.”

So Al Gore is dealing in Kryptonite?! And what’s he doing buying missiles and rockets? Well, it appears one galaxy’s Lex Luthor is another’s Clark Kent…

Former vice president Al Gore—who for the past three decades has unsuccessfully attempted to warn humanity of the coming destruction of our planet, only to be mocked and derided by the very people he has tried to save—launched his infant son into space in the faint hope that his only child would reach the safety of another world.

‘I tried to warn them, but the Elders of this planet would not listen,’ said Gore, who in 2000 was nearly banished to a featureless realm of nonexistence for promoting his unpopular message. ‘They called me foolish and laughed at my predictions. Yet even now, the Midwest is flooded, the ice caps are melting, and the cities are rocked with tremors, just as I foretold. Fools! Why didn’t they heed me before it was too late?’

Al Gore—or, as he is known in his own language, Gore-Al—placed his son, Kal-Al, gently in the one-passenger rocket ship, his brow furrowed by the great weight he carried in preserving the sole survivor of humanity’s hubristic folly.

‘There is nothing left now but to ensure that my infant son does not meet the same fate as the rest of my doomed race,” Gore said. “I will send him to a new planet, where he will, I hope, be raised by simple but kindly country folk and grow up to be a hero and protector to his adopted home.’ ”

So...Gore-Al is destroying civilization while civilization destroys the earth. Godspeed, Kal-Al. We can only hope that the red sun of another solar system will make you a legendary hero.