Friday, October 30, 2009

Conspiracy Feary Friday: Aisle Seven, Bulk Clergy

"In a move that could help bring hundreds of thousands of Anglicans into the Catholic Church"..."Pope Benedict XVI has established a special structure for Anglicans who want to be in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church while preserving aspects of their Anglican spiritual and liturgical heritage"

For laymen who haven't been up on the news in the past week, the Anglican Church (of England) has allowed gays and women priests to ascend to bishopdom (bishophood? bishopanity?), upsetting more than a few conservative Anglicans. So the Catholic church decided it would offer those Anglicans a spot in the Catholic church. Priests can stay married, and can still do most of the Anglicanny goodness they love.

The Catholics has been trying to boost it's numbers for years. I mean, what do you think their whole anti-contraception deal is? When one of your followers produces 16 offspring, you're bound to retain a few of 'em in your ranks. You keep that going on multiple continents for hundreds of years, and you're set! (It's even better than the vampire pyramid scheme!) Why do you think the website exists?

So we should have seen it coming when the Catholics went shopping for new priests. What does this mean?

What else
could it mean? Be afraid. Be very afraid. They're bringing us one step closer to a One World Government, and they're doing it just like a corporation: by marketing to target segments.

Expect to see a direct mail marketing campaign from the Catholics. Coupons like this: "Get your loved ones out of purgatory! This weekend only: Two-for-one prayers for your deceased family members!"

And the youth are being targeted by hip cool rapping priests, like this one at the Franciscan University (FU) in Steubenville, OH.

(I'm ashamed to say I used to frequent this campus).

Sure, this all seems innocuous. It probably doesn't strike you as dangerous. And it may not be enough for you to believe that the Roman Catholic Church is evil and bent on being an evil one-world church. But think about it...

Didn't it ever strike you as odd that you never saw Pope Benedict XVI and Darth Sidious at the same time? I mean, they look very similar.




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