Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cue Ball is Back!

Not only is NASA accused of blowing up the moon for the sake of werewolf haters, it seems our apprentice theorist (who we’ll call Agent Cue Ball from now on) has uncovered yet another link between NASA and dirty deeds…

BREAKING NEWS!! For those who have read my recent article exposing the Illuminati and their plan to take over using wind turbines another level of their plan has been discovered. The wind turbines were just the tip of the perpetual ice berg after further investigation I have found that their reach extends far past the eco-friendly populists (we’ll get to that in a minute). They have even infiltrated the agency called NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Mission) which after much investigation I have found out is really a shell company for the Illuminati. The agency’s true name is Need Another Secret Account!

That’s right the organization that “claims” to be researching air and space is actually a giant money laundering scheme. Little by little and much to their frustration the Illuminati begins to be more and more exposed to the public eye. With this they have found a need to secretly hide more of their money. What better way to do it than launder it through the federal government.

They have set up an agency in which they can transfer large amounts of money unbeknownst to the average person, have it cleaned, stored in a secret account and then make withdrawals at will to fund their diabolical plans of world control. After sending their money here it comes out cleaner than it would have it Billy Mays had used Oxy Clean on it.

Now on to the expansion of their wind project. I recently exposed their wind turbine plan but it goes far deeper than that.

As was exposed last week they not only are at work with wind turbines but also laboratories, wind tunnels and control rooms. It is in these control rooms that they hold their secret meetings where they decide who will get the good wind, who gets the bad, and who will get no wind at all. By controlling the wind they are just one step closer to controlling all the elements and with that the entire world.

I was also able to uncover this, the following was taken from NASA’s own website:

‘NASA headquarters, in Washington, provides overall guidance and direction to the agency, under the leadership of the Administrator. Ten field centers and a variety of installations conduct the day-to-day work, in laboratories, on air fields, in wind tunnels and control rooms.’

Here is it plain as day and they don’t even try to hide it! It was once said that if you want to hide something leave it in plain sight, anyone who is looking for it will expect it to be hidden so they will bypass anything that is left out in the open. This is exactly what they are doing. Rather than try to hide and/or bury their sinister plot under layers of bureaucracy, red tape and secret classifications they instead post in on the internet for everyone to see.

To make matters worse they have their head quarters in Washington D.C., our nation’s capitol. They even go as far as to state they it is from here that they receive their overall guidance and direction under the leadership of the “Administrator”. Who is this individual and what “guidance” is being given out? The plot seems to deepen more and more as additional secrets come to light. (No pun intended)


Well done, young one.


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  2. Hey! I really enjoyed your blog post. Well thought out and amusing. Very interesting and well thought out. -Josh