Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Believe, Milla!

Milla Jovovich took some time off from killing zombies to investigate spacemen (good thing Woody Harrellson stepped up to pick up the undead-killing slack). In
The Fourth Kind, she portrays a woman faced with alien abductions (including her own).

Driving home from seeing it at the theater, I found my eyes glued to the skies. "Take meeeeeeeeeeeee!" I thought.

The movie's power is the use of actual footage, spliced with actors. Immediately after it's release critics, bloggers, and morons started attacking the validity of the actual footage, claiming it was all fake.

That's what the aliens, the Government, and Roger Ebert want you to think! They're all in on it.

Ebert says: "Boy, is the Nome, Alaska, Chamber of Commerce going to be pissed off when it sees "The Fourth Kind." You don't wanna go there."

Oh really, good sir? Why are you so worried about some town government?

I'm not saying Roger Ebert is an alien, but maybe he's a Fed. Think about it. Running around telling everyone what movies to see (translated: what movies further Obama's socialist agenda), and what movies are total crap (i.e., what movies share the truth OR movies that are actually total crap).

Anyway, back to the cover up regarding The Fourth Kind. So what if the writer/director is the guy interviewing the 'real' Dr. Tyler in a 'real' interview. So what if no one, not even the law enforcement officials of Nome, corroborates the stories? Answer me this:

How did that dude levitate out of his bed?

And how did the footage get so grainy any time something important actually happened?

Ok, I think I'm not helping my case anymore.

But I'm pretty sure Hollywood is preparing us for something big. Go watch the pilot episode of 'V'. Even Darth Popatine is on board.

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